Balance Specialist

Do you want to be a balance hero? Do you want to get more referrals?

The Zibrio Balance Specialist online course was created to make you an expert. Created by a world expert in balance, they teach you the 5 steps for designing a personalized balance training program that your clients will love.

The Balance Specialist Course includes:

✅ The secrets of how the body controls balance
✅ 5 step formula for creating a personalized balance training program
✅ Little known tips about balance from cutting edge science
✅ Why standing on one leg isn’t enough
✅ Fall prevention: we give you the training equation

Once you complete the course, you can opt into the Balance Specialist database so people looking for a trainer can find you.

Earn 3 CECs/CEUs today!

Anchor Point Training Active Aging Course

The APT Active Aging Program Will Give You A New Ideas And Exercise Movements Using Resistance Bands And Suspension Straps. Join Dr. Dan Ritchie And APT Creator Chris Severs In This Short Hands On Course.

Functional Core and Balance

This course will guide you through they key concepts, thought processes, strategies and exercises that will help you help your clients make real progress in their fitness program. If you have the desire to truly improve the quality of life and health of your active adult and senior clients, this course will deliver incredible value for you.

Training Clients with Joint Replacements

Training clients with Joint Replacements is designed to help the fitness professional or personal trainer become more confident in dealing with joint replacement clients and also clients dealing with major degenerative joint issues.

Currently, over 7 million Americans are living with joint replacements of the knee or hip, so fitness professionals definitely need to be comfortable working with them.

Complete Shoulder Conditioning 2.0

1. Discover exactly how the shoulder complex, neck, and upper thorax function
So that you are educated about what promotes optimal and efficient function as well as what commonly accepted practices actually contribute to issues of the shoulder, neck, and thorax.

  • With this information alone, you will finally have an easy-to-use resource for
    understanding what constitutes optimal and efficient shoulder function. Additionally, with
    this information, you’ll be able to analyze all the exercises you’re already using as well
    as any exercises you learn in the future and determine their impact – whether they
    should be included, modified, and/or omitted – from your client’s or patient’s programs.

2. You will learn the exact exercises and strategies that produce the greatest results
Using simple modifications, you can instantly add to your current programs to dramatically improve the results you’re having on the training floor or in the clinic.

  • With this information, you will be able to dramatically and very often, immediately help
    your clients or patients reduce chronic shoulder and neck tightness, improve range of
    motion, develop strength, and help them perform at their best.

3. You will uncover the secret to developing and executing a corrective exercise and functional training program that gets results with real world clients
This includes baby boomers and seniors, pre and post rehab, as well as those everyday folks simply looking to feel better, look better, and perform better.

  • And you will discover just like I did that many training, rehabilitation, and performance
    approaches have been created for athletes and are not applicable to the everyday folks
    that the majority of us work with. And even many athletes that we consult with in our
    own clinic struggle with chronic shoulder and neck issues from the using the very
    strategies that are designed to improve these areas.

After completing the information in this course, you will not only understand why so many of these commonly accepted exercises, cues, and approaches can directly contribute to your clients or patient’s issues, you’ll be able to utilize a specific series of corrective exercises and strategies to help them improve their range of motion, flexibility, and strength in the process.

Complete knee, ankle-foot conditioning course 2.0

Here is what this new program, developed by Dr. Evan Osar, provides:

  • A complete system that consistently delivers results for clients.
  • You will get training to assess, correct, and progress your clients who struggle with common lower extremity issues whether they are due to overuse, incomplete rehab, improper training, post rehab, and more.
  • PLUS, we will give you a quick start guide, program design template, key exercises to avoid, and the key corrective exercises to utilize for client success.
  • You will have immediate and unlimited access to the information.
  • You will quickly become your clients #1 resource for assessing, correcting, and progressing them on lower extremity exercises.
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